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Dried Shredded Pollack (황태채)

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Hwangtae is a seasoned Pollack that is naturally freeze-dried and is typically the most expensive kind of Pollack. The great thing about shredded Pollack is that it can be used to cook various dishes. The most popular is when it’s used to make a hangover soup. Another very common way to cook shredded Pollack is to spice it up with sweet and spicy Korean chili paste and eat it as a side dish.


✅ SEASONED AND DRIED: This seasoned and dried Pollack is also known as Hwangtae in Korean and is RICH in flavor and taste
✅ VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Shredded Pollack can be cooked in many different ways – the most popular being cooked as a hangover soup or a sweet and spicy side dish
✅ SUPER HEALTHY: Hwangtae is abundant in amino acids such as methionine, which is believed to help with hangovers
✅ HIGH IN PROTEIN: Hwangtae has almost twice as much protein than the average fresh Pollack
✅ HIGH IN NUTRIENTS: Dried Pollack is known to be high in nutrients and help lower cholesterol