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Seasoned Seaweed 16PK (16단 재래도시락김)

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 ITEM ID : TT33001C
 SPEC : 4G*16 ( 0.14OZ*16)


Roasted seaweed snacks are literally the best healthy snack for your salty cravings! They're perfectly seasoned where it can be eaten by itself as a snack or eaten with a bowl of rice. They are individually packaged for your convenience so you can take it on the go and eat it wherever you want. One package is the perfect amount for a bowl of rice. Not only are these delicious but they're healthy! Seaweed is known to have various nutritional benefits so all ages can enjoy this irresistible snack

✅ roasted seaweed, seasoned, lunchbox, individually packaged, snack, on the go

✅ This fresh roasted seaweed snack is seasoned and perfect for your salty cravings

✅ This is the perfect healthy snack that comes pre-sliced so you can enjoy on the go

✅ Not only are they pre-sliced but they're individually packaged so you can take them around in your bag or lunchbox

✅ You can enjoy it by itself or eat it with a nice bowl of hot rice

✅ Seaweed is extremely healthy for ones diet and what better way to eat seaweed than eating these delicious seaweed snacks