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Roasted Seaweed Sheets (장흥 무산 재래김)

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 ITEM ID : TT33009C
 SPEC : 235G (100SHT)


✅ HIGHLY POPULAR: This roasted seaweed is made in Korea and roasted seaweed sheets have been incorporated into many different Asian cuisines

✅ MAKE YOUR OWN SUSHI: Roasted seaweed sheets can be used for DIY sushi rolls at home! You can also use the seaweed sheets to make a sushiritto, wraps, and more!

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: To maintain the premium quality of these seaweed sheets, they are specially harvested in winter

✅ HEALTHY: Roasted seaweed are known to have a lot of various health benefits

✅ LONG SHELF LIFE: After opening, store the seaweed in the fridge or freezer to maximize shelf life