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Rice Puffs Snacks / 안복자 쌀강정

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 ITEM ID : TT11002C
 SPEC : 90G ( 3.17OZ )


Indulge yourself in a Korean traditional snack that originated even before the 18th century. It was traditionally consumed on New Year's Day but it has now been popularized as an everyday snack. This sweet and fluffy snack is enjoyed by all ages.

✅ TRADITIONAL KOREAN SNACK: A staple of Korean traditional snacks that is enjoyed by all ages

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: This sweet rice puff is made with premium ingredients

✅ SWEET AND FLUFFY: This fluffy rice puff is made with glutinous rice and glazed with sweet syrup

✅ DOUBLE PACKAGING: The sweet rice puffs are packaged twice to maintain freshness

✅ DO NOT: Store in direct sunlight