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Korean Assorted Herbs Mix W/ Tea Bag (삼계탕 재료)

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 ITEM ID : TG21003C
 SPEC : 100G (3.53 OZ)


Korean Ginger Chicken Soup is a traditional soup that people eat during the hottest days of the summer. The reason is to revitalize yourself with this soup and balance your body with the heat. This herbal bag will not only bring out the authentic taste of the traditional Korean ginger chicken soup also known as Samgyetang, but it helps take away the gamey taste that originates from chicken. Boil the herbs with water in a boiling hot pot and you got yourself a herbal stock that could be paired with anything. <b> How to use </b> <br> <br> 1) Loosen the applied drawstring <br> 2) Open the Pouch and Pour the Entire Contents into the Pouch <br> 3) Reseal the Pouch Using the Drawstring <br> 4) Bring the Pouch to Boil in a Pot <br> 5) Add Whole Chicken to the Boiling Pot and Cook until Chicken is Tender and Fully Cooked <br>

✅ AUTHENTIC KOREAN GINGER CHICKEN SOUP: A herbal ingredient bag to make an authentic Korean ginger chicken soup

✅ TRADITIONAL RECIPE: The traditional recipe for Korean ginger chicken soup contains certain herbs that are hard to acquire and this herb bag has it all in one bag

✅ VERSATILE INGREDIENT: You can use it for the traditional Korean ginger chicken soup or you can change it up by using this bag for another soup

✅ ONE BAG GOES A LONG WAY: One herbal bag can be stretched out to make a big pot of stock