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Dried Pollack Skin

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 SPEC. : 300G ( 3.53OZ )


Dried pollack skin is consumed a lot in Korea because it's prized for its various health benefits - high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and more. The more popular way to utilize dried pollack skin in your diet is to use it as a basis for your fish stock, deep fry it, or sauté it in a sweet and spicy sauce. Due to its health benefits, dried pollack skin can be a low-calorie, guilt-free snack for everyone!

✅ PURE POLLACK: 100% pure dried Pollack skin
✅ MADE THOUGHTFULLY: Dried Pollack are frozen and thawed repeatedly around 20 times during the frigid winter winds, until they become thoroughly dried and yellowish
✅ VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Dried Pollack skin are cooked in various ways – you can use them for a fish stock, fry them, sauté them, and more!
✅ HEALTHY FOR YOUR BODY: Pollack contains many types of monounsaturated fats known as omega-3 fatty acids which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties
✅ HEALTHY FOR SKIN: They can help the skin’s appearance and overall health – it’s known to help in removing acne, giving you a glowing skin. Additionally, it can also help prevent inflammatory conditions which affect the skin