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Dehydrated Minced / Crushed Korean Garlic (갓건조 다진마늘)

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 ITEM ID : TT45031C
 SPEC : 30G (1.06 OZ) 


Minced garlic is a staple in almost every Asian cuisine. To make the prep time shorter and easier, you can just add these cubes to soup, stews, sautéed dishes, or any other dish that requires garlic. This freeze-dried minced garlic embodies the full taste of fresh garlic without having to do anything! Seal tightly and store in a cool and dry place.


✅ A MUST-HAVE INGREDIENT: Minced garlic is a must in almost every Asian cuisine

✅ SAVE TIME: Save time in the kitchen with this product!

✅ EASY TO USE: The freeze dried and cubed form of minced garlic makes it easy to use

✅ REHYDRATES EASILY: Add the cube to water and you will get rehydrated minced garlic