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Dried Green Laver (곱창돌김)

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 ITEM ID : TT32050C
 SPEC. :  350G (12.34 OZ)
  • * Premium: Gopchang Seaweed / laver, a specialty of laver, is a rare seaweed laver that is only harvested for about half month a year from the end of October to mid-November. It refers to laver made with raw materials that are only available in a small amount at the beginning of winter when laver is produced in earnest, and it is a precious seaweed with excellent taste and nutrition.
  • * Premium: When one piece of Gopchang Seaweed is lit with the light, the every sheet is different and the sheet is rough and has small holes, and the taste is savory, but it has a sweet taste and a chewy texture.
  • * Product is harvested from the most famous island for Seaweed, WANDO island of Korea.