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Dried Shiitake Mushrooms Powder (표고버섯 가루)

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 ITEM ID : TT45011C
 SPEC. : 80G ( 2.8OZ )


A little goes a long way with this Shiitake powder. Having this powdered Shiitake will help enhance all the flavors in a savory dish. The dried shiitake in powder form makes it easy for all ages to consume the health benefits of the shiitake mushroom. You can use this as a base for your soup stock as well instead of having to find fresh shiitake mushrooms or rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms. This will make your prep time shorter and much easier!

✅ UMAMI SEASONING: This refined shiitake mushroom powder is the perfect umami seasoning

✅ VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Use this powder in your sauces, gravy, soup, or any other dish to add a rich flavor

✅ SUPER CONVENIENT: This powdered form of shiitake mushroom is so convenient and will save you time in the kitchen

✅ READY AS IS: This powder is ready to use as is! Just add however much you want to any dish

✅ MAXIMIZE SHELF LIFE: To maximize the shelf life, store in a cool and dry place after opening