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Dried Pollack Powder (북어가루)

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 ITEM ID : TT45009C
 SPEC : 90G (3.18 OZ)


Dried pollack is consumed a lot in Korea because of its various health benefits. When it is in powder form, it makes it so much more versatile to add to any food or beverage. It is widely known to be a natural and healthy seasoning that can be used to enhance the flavors of any dish. You can use this as a base for your soup stock as well instead of having to wait to boil dried pollack. This will make your prep time shorter and much easier!

✅ NATURAL SEASONING: Dried Pollack powder is a natural seasoning to whatever dish you desire

✅ VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Use this powder in your sauces, gravy, soup, or any other dish to add a rich flavor

✅ SUPER CONVENIENT: This powdered form of dried Pollack is so convenient and will save you time in the kitchen

✅ HEALTHY: This natural seasoning is healthy for all ages and can even be used to season baby food

✅ READY AS IS: This powder is ready to use as is! Just add however much you want to any dish